ManolisWelcome to the Kafeneio Kefalas Apokoronas in sunny Crete.

The kefalas kafeneio is a traditional kafeneion run by Manolis Karampinakis  (pictured) who has always lived in Kefalas.

As Kr Karampinakis explains, the building started as a shoemaker business in 1947, and then c.1952, it became the kafeneion.  The original name for the kafeneion was  “παντοπωλείο”  which roughly translates in English to “wide-narrow”. This is a reference to the road intersection directly outside his  kafe neio.

Manolis is the proprietor and patron for the Kefalas Kafeneio, and a warm welcome is always available to all customers in both Greek and English.

Kafeneio Spring Clean April/May 2018